Merkür was found in 2003 and is a company that provides International Transport, Tourism, and Aviation services. Our company headquarters is in Yeşilköy, Istanbul.

Since the day it was established, it has been able to become a partner company in all kinds of logistics and transportation works for its customers, proving its reliability and service quality.

Merkür Charter is the aircraft leasing department that has been the leader in the industry since the day Mercury Group was established. Merkür Charter, which has established international trust with global agreements, produces the most suitable solution for its customers. Merkür Charter follows all operations at its airports with its own staff in order to provide high-quality service to its customers on the air it has been hired.

Landing permits for leased aircraft, ground handling services, fuel, and catering are tracked by Merkür personnel with licenses from the Ministry of Transport. Merkür has been a leading company in the Turkish aerospace industry, bringing together a comprehensive service principle and being a model for its similarity.

Turkey's rising value thank our customers for the support they have given to Merkür. Reasonable Price, Quick Solution for Smooth Operation, and you're hoping to see Merkür.

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