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Covid-19 is a virus that has affected the world through last year and with the announcement of the first case in Turkey, we have followed the authority’s guidance on precautions. 

In order to provide a healthy and safe environment both for our customers and our employees we have taken numerous precautions in every sector we offer our services, offices and at the airport. To ensure that we have started from our offices; we have encouraged the ‘work from home’ principle to avoid crowd and then organized our working hours as well as our offices according to social distance rules. Wearing masks is compulsory in our offices and in addition to that we provide masks and disinfection material to our employees to ensure obedience with the rules. In addition to that at the other working environments that we offer service –especially at the airport where trespassing is risky-, we have provided with disinfection points, social distance and mask warning signs, mask disposal units and guidelines for social distance (We have drawn social distance lines.). Also, for our employees who is working in a high-risk environment, we provide with the necessary clothing equipment and visor. We have reorganized and took necessary precautions accordingly with the social distance (1.8 m) at our ticket sales points, office hubs and checkpoints to ensure the safety and health of both our employees and customers and we will continue to take necessary precautions.




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